Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Attracting and retaining the right people is the cornerstone of an organization's success. The key to successful recruitment is to strengthen your relationships with both the current and the potential workforce. Rather than maintaining temporary relationships with those who could fill one particular vacant position, the focus is keeping long-term relationships with people who have the potential to work for your organization at some stage. GlobalHunt helps the organization to do this by offering a comprehensive, web-enabled recruitment solution which supports talent relationship management and traditional central recruitment functions redefined from a broader perspective.
Today , I would like to show your recruitment process cycle in very simple and easy manner with Flowchart. Hope you all like it .


  • Business Development
    # Client Selection
    * Accessibility to their HR / hiring manager
    * Reasonable time on feedback, interview, etc
    * Better terms
    * Reasonable payment time

  • Sourcing of CV
    # Understanding the client requirement thoroughly
    # Mapping of competitors / industry
    # Top of mind recall on candidates
    # Our own databank
    # Using proper key words while using job portals
    * Competitor name
    * Skill
    # Validating with proper and crisp summary
    # Aligning the CV in MS word format with our company logo

  • Candidate Management
    # Providing adequate information about the role, company, etc
    # Keeping them in the loop and informing about the status thru email, SMS, call
    # Facilitating them, if necessary

  • Client Management
    # Keep the client informed that you have referred the CV’s moment you shared the CV either thru SMS or call
    # Once in 2 days check for the status of the CV / position
    # Try to meet the client in person
    # Keep them informed about the candidate’s availability for the interview

  • Interview process
    # Send email to the candidate about the interview with all necessary details like date, venue, contact person, brief JD, title of the position.
    # Call / SMS him to inform and ask him to check his email and confirm

  • Selection & Joining
    # Keep tracking the candidates by frequent follow-ups asking for submission of resignation, date of reliving, locating house, school admission, etc
    # Calls to be made on regular intervals

  • Billing & Collection
    # Start following up for payment after 15 – 21 days of placement

At GlobalHunt, we not only provide recruitment consultancy service to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to get their dream jobs. We can help our clients to get the suitable candidates, cultivate them and retain them. Our comprehensive recruitment solutions as HR consultant ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for your workforce requirements.We have adopted the international practices and procedures that are designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market. We provide our client companies with just not only a set of candidates, but also provide discussion on best-fit market availability, comparative benchmarking and a comfort knowing.

Author: Sonika Mishra is a Internet marketing Professional and an emerging author in the field of technology. Associated with GlobalHunt India "http://www.globalhunt.in", which is the Top Executive Search Firm in India – A Recruitment Consultants and Placement Agency For the recruitment and placement of some of the top talent with its clients in the IT, Telecom, FMCG, Financial Services, Banking, Real Estate and Manufacturing Industries etc .

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