Thursday, July 10, 2008

Executive Search Firm in India.

The term is used for those which do search for executives through some employees proficient in consultancy. Search may be of three major types like by the board of directors, by executives in the organization, or by an outside executive search organization.
An executive search firm in India offers all job seekers a platform to launch there career by submitting their resume for consideration. Over the past half a decade, with advent of MBA in India, the importance of executive search firm has increased.
Since the organizations are expanding rapidly, in order to cut down on recruitment costs, they outsource the same work to . These search firms do a lot in order to provide the best resources for there clients. From developing the job description along with the personnel of the client, which involves describing the contents of the job in terms of functions, duties, responsibilities, and operations to sourcing names of potential candidates, creating interest in the position of the candidate to assisting in scheduling interviews as well as making the offer and successfully tackling the counter offer, if any.
In India, the search executive firm fills the gap between the jobseeker and the Company. The different sources of search are either from portals or databases or even from personal references. This way, they service both the job seeker and the employer. The reach of these executive search companies is far and wide so the information is rich and very valuable for the employer.
Some well known executive search firms in India are Ma Foi, Zehnder, Amrop International, Manpower Inc, GlobalHunt, ABC Consultants, Stanton Chase, Accord, and the list goes on and on. These are some of the India’s leading executive search firms, which find appropriate jobs in all sectors for both middle and senior level globally.
The databases in these are so well maintained that neither a job seeker nor the clients, apart from the firm itself has any trouble in collating or accessing data. These charge a specific percentage on every recruitment they provide, which varies with the kind of positions being filled.

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