Thursday, July 10, 2008

Placement Agencies in India

The downslide in the IT segment have meant that the role of have become even more critical. These placement agencies work day in and day out in order to fulfill the placement needs of candidates and clients. Placement agencies hence are mushrooming everywhere in the country.
Apart from this, thetake a matter of minutes in order to get the right fir for the company and the candidate. Consultants at the placement agency work as hard as possible in order to groom the candidates for the interview and show their talent in negotiating on both ends.
The in India also work in order to find the right blend of candidates for the skill sets set forward by their respective clients.
The placement agency also saves time for the for the companies as they help in placement of candidates for their clients who have outsourced their work to them.
Normally all are pretty good in getting the job done, but there are a few placement agencies which lack the know how and struggle to provide results. Hence, in order to find the right placement agency, it is necessary to find out about the clients the placement agency is serving to and the number of candidates the agency is having. If they have a list of top companies then it is sure that they have extended database for jobs, but in case the list of clients is small then give it a good thought before taking them on and giving them the mandate.
Some well known in India are Ma Foi, Zehnder, Amrop International, Manpower Inc, GlobalHunt, ABC Consultants, Stanton Chase, Accord, and the list goes on and on. These are some of the India’s leading placement agencies, which find appropriate jobs in all sectors for both middle and senior level globally.
The major forte of these is the fact that they provide executive recruitment solutions of top class and help both firms and candidates find the right match.

Sonika Mishra is a Internet marketing Professional and an emerging author in the field of technology. Associated with GlobalHunt India "", which is the India – A recruitment and placement of some of the top talent with its clients in the IT, Telecom, FMCG, Financial Services, Banking, Real Estate and Manufacturing Industries etc

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